Art & Comics


“Batten Down the Hatches: The Rise of the Cephalopod” Illustration

“The Probable Volcano Problem of the Ptolemaic Kingdom” Collage

“Editor’s Letter 4/20/16” GIF

“A Brief Tour of Synesthetic History” Illustration

“Extended Consciousness in the World of Tomorrow” Illustration

“Steps to the Scientific Method” Collage

“Time Will Tell: The Stories of Prague’s Astronomical Clock” Photos

“Neurological File Cabinets” Illustration

“The Scully Effect” Collage

“To Be Science or Not To Be Science” Illustrations

“The Python in Film School” Illustration


“Illuminated Life” Collage Set

“Soulmate Setup” Comic

“The Diary of a Teenage Space Traveler” Photo Set


“Reflections on Working Girl: Growing Up and Dumb, Horrible People” Illustration in Screenqueens Zine #1 (pg. 32)

“Films that Changed My Life: The Exorcist” Illustration

Pop Culture Puke

“Eau D’Bedroom Dancing” Collage and GIFs