I’m an NYU 2018 grad, currently working as a Production Assistant at Nickelodeon in Burbank on an upcoming animated CG show. My interests range from physics to film to cephalopods—and you can find me writing and making art about these subjects across the web. My LinkedIn page has all the info on my job experiences, from interning at StarTalk Radio and the Event Horizon Telescope to Nickelodeon and founding HERpothesis, a website and zine featuring creative work by young women inspired by STEAM (that’s STEM  + Art).

I’m on Twitter Twitter and Instagram both as @heyalexhanson. If you’d like to get in touch you can email me at ahanson1316@gmail.com.

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Star vs. The Forces of Evil Spec: “Babysitter Wanted”

This is a spec script (an original episode I wrote that takes place in the world of the show) that takes place in the upcoming season 4 of the Disney XD animated show Star vs. The Forces of Evil. In this episode, Star tries to balance training a pyrokinetic baby Meteora while also searching for her mom in the multiverse and trying to control her new innate magic powers— and she could really use a babysitter to help out. Check out the PDF for the spec at the link below. I had a lot of fun writing this and can’t wait to see what season 4 has in store for us!

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Spec: Babysitter Wanted